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16 Must-see Spots in & around Tokyo


 For your reference, "Tokyo Custom Tour Guides"  suggests sixteen sites (twelve in and four around Tokyo). They are popular with foreign visitors or off the beaten track even for Japanese. 


 Each site shows its typical picture and the rough tour time from the center of Tokyo. But the destination can be modifiable according to your preference. Let's make your own private itinerary after choosing your favorite destinations, with reference to the maps of “In-Tokyo Tour” and “Around-Tokyo Tour”.


 If you want more information about each place in a picture, please click it. And if you have others in mind, please let us know. We can put them into your itinerary. 


In Tokyo

Tokyo sta. and Imperial Palace

Nijyubashi (Double Bridge) 

Tokyo Sta. &  Imperial Palace (3hrs)


Asakusa and Ryogoku

Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) 

Asakusa & Ryogoku

( 4hrs)

Meiji Shrine and Harajuku

Torii-gate of Meiji-Jingu Shrine

Meiji Shrine & Harajuku (3 hrs)

Tokyo Tower and its surroundings

              Tokyo Tower

 Tokyo Tower & its surroundings (3hrs)



Shinjuku (2hrs)


Scramble Crossing Road

Shibuya (3hrs)

Korakuen Park and Kagurazaka

Autumn leaves in Korakuen

Korakuen Park & Kagurazaka (4hrs)



Ferry on the Edo River 

Katsushika-Shibamata (4hrs)


Sunshine Aquarium

Ikebukuro (2hrs)

Ueno Park


Ueno Park (2hrs)

Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi

Nezu Shrine

Yanesen (3hrs)

Fukagawa/Kiyosumi (3hrs)

Around Tokyo

Hakone and Mt. Fuji

Pirate boat on Lake Ashi

Hakone & Mt. Fuji

(one day)


Open-air Great Buddha

Kamakura (one day)


Time Bell Tower

 Kawagoe (6 hrs)


Yomeimon Gate at Toshogu

Nikko (one day)