"YA-NE-SEN" is a generic term of the district, Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi, which is a region full of history and atmosphere. As this area escaped damage from the bombing in World War II, a taste of early 20th century culture still lingers. So it is popular among those who fancy a leisurely stroll through the folksy streets of Tokyo.

This short shopping street () named “Yanaka Ginza” will surely bring you back to the Edo Period, which is now drawing visitors from all over the world. Prices are relatively cheap, so why don’t you get little snacks and finger food and try to walk and eat?

This mud wall called Tuiji-bei () was built about 400 years ago. It was constructed alternately piling mud and tiles, and then putting roof tiles along its top. It required a lot of time and labor. 

This old house () is now open to everyone as a café, so you can feel the Japanese life at the time. The vast Yanaka Cemetery Park () is famous for the beautiful cherry blossoms.

A flower festival is held at Nezu Shrine (⑤⑥) in spring, when its 3,000 azaleas come into blossom ().  

Tokyo Tower / Shiba Park

Tokyo Tower stands in Shiba Park which was a part of the precincts of Zojo-ji Temple, the family temple of Tokugawa shogunate in the Edo era. The tower is 333 meters high, built in 1958 as the broadcasting tower when Japan was about to enter the TV age. Even after Tokyo Skytree was erected it holds its position as a symbol of Tokyo. There are windows in the floor of the 150-meter-high observatory from which visitors can see the view straight down but it is a little scary. You can enjoy the beautiful figure from everywhere in the park, regardless of the season and time.