Ginza built on western models became the mecca of Japanese fashion after Meiji Restoration. Along with time-honored indigenous shops, it has luxury brand stores from all over the world. At Ginza 4-chome Intersection, there are symbolic architectures. On weekends it becomes “Pedestrian Paradise” with streets closed to vehicles. The night view here is also wonderful. 

The Kabuki-theater stands nearby, where Kabuki, traditional drama or Japanese Opera, is performed. 

Tsukiji Market / Hamarikyu Garden

Though the well-known Inner Fish Market has already moved to Toyosu, the Outer Market remains in Tsukiji. You can enjoy the unique atmosphere in Japan.

This is a typical feudal lord garden in the Edo period with a tidal pond. British Prince William visited here in 2015. You can go to Asakusa from here by boat while sailing the Sumida River.