Known for its old-town (shitamachi) atmosphere and historic Buddhist temple named Sensoji, Asakusa is a magnet for many foreign visitors, not only for Japanese. 

It is a sacred place but also it used to be an amusement center of Edo. Sensoji temple was built in the 7th century. Along with its Main Hall, another attractive structure is Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) with its huge red lantern whose light indicates to us the right path as a human being.

A shopping arcade called Nakamise leading to the Hall is one of the best places in Tokyo to buy traditional Japanese souvenirs. 


Ryogoku was also an old town. Today it is famous for Kokugikan, where 15-day grand sumo matches are held three times a year, and Edo-Tokyo Museum.

It is a unique hands-on museum which exhibits plenty of things and information related to the history and culture of Edo.

You will be sure to feel as if you were back into those days. To name a few, you can see a large model of Nihonbashi bridge, a playhouse and a row house reproduced in full size and even get on a palanquin of the Edo era.