Come to Japan, and you will definitely enjoy it!


 Can you guess what the left cat is doing? You can get the answer   and more information at the foot of this page.



Custom Tour with Licensed Guid at Cheaper Price

 Thank you very much for having interests in Japan and things Japanese.


I'm Masa, the administrator of this organization. I'm originally an engineer and now I sometimes have been work as guide. While guiding, I have often seen many foreign visitors who are challenged by the Japanese language and transit systems. Naturally a little adventure is a part of the fun of travel, but consider a way to use your time more effectively?


With this in mind I set up this organization named "Tokyo Custom Tour Guides" in consultation with other members to provide private tours at affordable prices in order to help you enjoy your stay and maximize your experience in Japan. As all of ten members are well-experienced guide interpreters with national government licenses, we’re sure of providing memorable private tours at affordable prices. 


We can offer various one-day or half-day custom tours at your request. They are not only in but also around Tokyo like visiting Hakone to see Mt. Fuji, or Kamakura, an ancient capital of samurai era. After learning your requests, we'll offer the best itinerary. Please refer to “Recommended Site” with 16 sites, and let’s talk about your tour! The tour time is up to you. Details on the charges are described in “Guide Fee”. For example, it will be about 22,000 JPY ($200) for a day (eight-hour) trip. The main language is English but we may arrange other language guides so please don’t hesitate to ask us.


The attached picture is a welcome luncheon party among our members and a couple from USA who stayed in Tokyo for two weeks. As the couple wanted to have talks with ordinary people and get to know more about Japan and its culture, so we threw it for them.




This cat is called a 'Maneki Neko', or a beckoning cat. It's inviting customers in with its paw up and its hand waving. You can find it at the entrance of a restaurant, a shop, or a Japanese-style in. It's is a kind of a traditional Japanese charm which is said to bring happiness in.

By the way, what it holds down with the left hand is named 'Senryo-bako', or a chest for keeping gold coins.